Performance Psychology Programme at the Monmouth Haberdashers’ Schools

Could your Pupils Improve their Performance? A Successful Performance Psychology Programme at the Monmouth Haberdashers’ Schools. 

Dave Vickers (Director of Physical Education, Monmouth School), “We often read and hear about the importance of ‘the top two inches’ when looking to maximise sporting potential.  Jon [Finn] has enabled us to look at strategies and ways of accessing this elusive area to enhance pupil performance.”

Laure Parsons (Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Monmouth School), I am confident that the whole group, and those weaker pupils in particular, benefitted greatly from acquiring those mental skills to help them in their learning and applying them in the Modern Foreign Languages’ classroom. It helped them this year, but more importantly, it will continue to help them as long as they study a language.”

A two year Performance Psychology Programme – sponsored by The Haberdashers’ Company – came to an end in August 2012. The project which is believed to be the first of its kind in the world has been extremely successful. It aimed purposefully to develop pupils who can coherently answer and put into action the following five questions:  1) How can I motivate myself? 2) How can I manage my confidence levels? 3) How can I control my concentration? 4) How can I control my activation levels? 5) How can I lead to help others get the best out of themselves?

One of the legacy aspects of the project was to develop and integrate Performance Psychology content for the PE curriculum. More information about this can be found here

However, sport was not the only focus of this project as it also aimed to improve pupils’ academic and extra-curricular performances. To this end projects parallel to the work being delivered in PE and Games were also run in academic subjects and other extra-curricular areas.

Year 7 Pupil, “The sessions have helped me to boost my grades and enjoy school more.”

A Level Pupil, “I have found the psychology sessions very helpful and doubt that I would have been able to boost my grades, or have such a focus for the future without the mentoring programme.”

GCSE Pupil, “The psychology sessions taught me how to approach exams, concentrate, improve my mindset, set goals, improve confidence, and control anxiety…These sessions have been incredibly helpful as I think has been shown in my grades.”

Now that this project has come to an end, the project leader Jon Finn is working with other schools to employ similar performance strategies. If you feel that your pupils can perform even better than they already are, and benefit from a performance psychology approach please do not hesitate to contact Jon at [email protected] or on 07815 780260.