ISQAM Mentor Information

In response to feedback, HMCPD have reorganised the support for ISQAM mentors in 2019-20.

There are now 3 optional elements available which mentors can access as they wish dependent on their experience of mentoring or of the ISQAM programme:

1) Optional face-to-face half day mentor training sessions

HMCPD are running 3 half day training sessions in the Autumn term purely focussed on coaching and mentoring skills.

These sessions are intended for colleagues who are mentoring ISQAM (or PLQ) participants, and wish to develop their own coaching and mentoring practice. They provide an introduction to basic coaching and mentoring techniques and concepts.

These sessions will not include a briefing or explanation of the programme, as this is available from the online video.

24/09/2019 – London – Book here online

25/09/2019 – London – Book here online

14/11/2019 – Birmingham – Book here online

2) “What’s New?” briefing document

A document intended for experienced mentors who are already familiar with the programme. This document sets out what changes have been made since last year’s programme:

ISQAM – What’s Changed? 2019-20

3) ISQAM briefing video for mentors

A new 7 minute online video intended for new mentors who are unfamiliar with ISQAM. The video aims to explain the programme and how it works, and points mentors towards where to find out more:

ISQAM Mentor Briefing Video Transcript

ISQAM briefing document for schools

Experienced mentors who are familiar with the ISQAM programme are likely to just review the “What’s New?” briefing document.

Colleagues new to ISQAM who wish to improve their basic mentoring skills may find it useful to watch the briefing video and book on to one of the optional mentor training sessions.

Those who understand ISQAM, but are new to mentoring (for example colleagues who recently completed the programmes themselves) might consider booking on to one of the optional mentor training sessions, and accessing the “What’s New?” document.

Colleagues with strong mentoring skills who are new to ISQAM are likely to just want to watch the briefing video.

If you are not familiar with the ISQAM programme, you may also find it helpful to review the ISQAM briefing document for schools.