ISQAM Level 1 Blended Pilot 2021

The Independent Schools’ Qualification in Management (ISQAM) is a development programme for Heads of Academic Departments (HoDs) and aspiring HoDs in schools of The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) and The Girls’ School Association (GSA). The ISQAM is designed and delivered in partnership with the UCL/Institute of Education (IOE).

The ISQAM Level 1 Blended Pilot is being trialled by HMC this year in response to continued interest in the ISQAM programme despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read the briefing document for schools to ensure that you are aware of how the Blended Pilot will differ from the usual programme.

Two Level 1 Blended Pilot clusters are planned to run this year. Please follow the links below for the dates for all related online sessions for each cluster:

Please also note that the venues for the face-to-face training days are yet to be confirmed, but are likely to require travel by road.

Level 2 programmes

We plan to resume the Level 2 programmes in the 2021-22 academic year.

Information for mentors

An in-school mentor, who may be an experienced HoD or the Deputy Head Academic/Director of Studies, is an essential part of the delivery of this course. Mentors must have the capacity to meet with their mentees at least twice per term and should review their portfolios and add a supporting statement before they are submitted at the end of the year.

The following video describes the programme format for the benefit of mentors new to the programme. The video is based on the usual format of the programme, so please note the differences particular to the Blended Pilot described in the briefing document for schools.

Mentors who are new to the programme may also contact Pete Larkin (HMCPD Project Manager) via [email protected] if they would like to discuss how they might approach supporting their mentees.

Mentors who are familiar with the ISQAM programme may wish to be aware that there are very few minor changes to the portfolio document this year – mainly minor adjustments to wording and activity prompts. The most significant change is an adjustment to the previous ISI-related activity in Module 1, which now has a greater focus on the triangulation of evidence.