AGBIS/HMC Good Governance Programme

The Good Governance Programme has been jointly developed by AGBIS and HMC to support and provide recognition of high-quality governance in HMC member schools. It comprises of a new Governor Training Framework and optional Good Governance Programme Certificate.

The Governor Training Framework
A series of expert-led individual webinar sessions, the first of which is available to members of HMC governing bodies free of charge:

  1. An overview of Good Governance (free of charge – 29/11/21)
  2. The work of the Education Committee (02/12/21)
  3. Strategic Development Planning (09/12/21)
  4. What makes a good Board? (31/01/22)
  5. What makes a good Finance & General Purposes Committee? (14/03/22)
  6. What does a commitment to delivering public benefit look like? (25/04/22)
  7. What makes a good relationship between the Governors and Head? (06/06/22)

Individual modules are available as discrete stand-alone webinars, whilst also part of a cohesive broader programme.

AGBIS/HMC Good Governance Certificate
For a small administration fee, AGBIS/HMC will issue Boards with a Good Governance Programme Certificate if it can be demonstrated that:

  • All Governors have completed both the free Overview webinar – this can either be live or by watching a recording and the AGBIS online Safeguarding module, and that
  • Between them, the Governors have covered each of the additional seven webinars

The Good Governance Certificate will remain valid for three years.

The cost of the certification will be £20 per school.  The certificates will be issued at the end of the series.